Three different Blockchain applications @ Bitcoin Wednesday

Bitcoin Wednesday is the longest-running monthly Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in the Netherlands. Vincent talked with three Blockchain entrepreneurs that showed up at last months Bitcoin Wednesday.

Building an open source P2P Uber and AirBnb on the Blockchain

Luis Molina is the founder of Fermat. Fetmat is a decentralized, blockchain-enabled platform for the peer-to-peer exchange of goods, services, assets and data. It includes a framework for creating mobile applications. He talked about the evolution of the sharing economy and how it can be supported by his platform. It’s possible to build an open source peer-to-peer Airbnb and Uber application without any (unaccountable) centralized party that controls it.

Bitbank and the power of the Chinese Bitcoin miners

Virgilio Lizardo Jr. is the Head of International at Bitbank, one of China’s largest Bitcoin companies. He owns 14% of the Bitcoin miners network. The reasons why many Bitcoin miners are based in China are cheap electricity and cheap hardware. Just like at a regular bank it’s possible to deposit your bitcoins in a Bitbank wallet and get a daily or fixed interest.

Virgilio talked about the development of the digital currency sector in China, including the use of Bitcoin in China, the Chinese government’s digital currency policies, and the world’s perception of Chinese miners vs. the reality of the situation.

NXT, a second generation cryptocurrency

Dave Pearce (his nickname on the NXT website is Evil Dave) is responsible for the general organisation and marketing of NXT. NXT is a second generation cryptocurrency/blockchain platform. They launched 2,5 years ago and they have built a cryptocurrency, decentralised asset exchange, secure messaging platform and much more. With second generation they mean that they use the blockchain for more than just transferring or storing cryptocurrencies.

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