Bitonic’s Bitcoin lottery: We got ourselves a winner!

As a sponsor of the Dutch Blockchain Conference Bitonic gave every attendee several digital assets stored in an E-wallet. One of these assets was tickets for a lottery, that could be bought with a different asset: eurocoins. The prize of the lottery was 1 bitcoin.

How it works

Bitonic demonstrated that tokens can be exchanged by using the Bitcoin payment script (atomic swap) in a Ticket(block)chain and a Euro(block)chain. They then calculated the winning ticket with a script. The winner received a prize-coin in his or her E-wallet and could thus claim the prize of 1 bitcoin.

Bitonic's Bitcoin lottery: We got ourselves a winner!

The winning adres was:


The winner and prize

Unfortunately, the winner did not report to Bitonic immediately, however, by putting a few pieces of the puzzle together, they managed to figure out who won and contacted the winner by e-mail. Congrats!

About Bitonic

Bitonic is fully automated system where you can easily buy and sell Bitcoins using iDeal and MisterCash, the most popular online payment methods in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Rick Thijssen


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